The assassination of Julius Caesar, by Victor van den Berg (Flickr)
by Olímpio Alexandre

The assassination of Julius Caesar, by Victor van den Berg (Flickr)

Sep 27, 2022
Besides Asterix, a Roman theme (or something related to ancient civilizations) is one of the most frequent requests fans look forward to seeing in LEGO form. The Toy company has already gifted us with some collectible minifigures, and even a GWP of a chariot, during the launch of 10276 - Colosseum, but otherwise... nothing else.
Luckily, we have some excellent constructions of AFOLs, such as this “The assassination of Julius Ceasar”, by Victor van den Berg (Flickr), which, as the name implies, recreates the murder of one of the most important Roman Emperors in History.
And if what really happened was what it is shown in this MOC... Julius Caesar really had nowhere to escape. I emphasize the size of the construction and the several details such as the floor, the adornments on the wall, the columns and even the chosen color palette.
You can and should see more photos of this and other Victor MOCs in his Flickr gallery.

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