The King’s Mark gaming parlor, by The Plastic Brick (Instagram)
by Olímpio Alexandre

The King’s Mark gaming parlor, by The Plastic Brick (Instagram)

Sep 30, 2022
This MOC is already one month old, and it's not a creation with thousands of pieces, but it proves that even small things can be wonderful.
This is the case of The King’s Mark Gaming Parlor, by The Plastic Brick (Instagram), which somehow reminds me of the old 6267 - Lagoon Lock Up.
This little pirate MOC is a representation of a game house, with some very funny details. It is true that some pieces are custom, which may not be to everyone's liking, but when it comes to the construction itself, I love the chosen colors and the details of the coat of arms, the door, the blue shutters, and the whole comical aspect of the scene.
If you liked this MOC, you can and should see other creations by The Plastic Brick on his Instagram account.

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