Batcopter TV, by André Pinto ( Flickr)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Batcopter TV, by André Pinto ( Flickr)

Okt 04, 2022
Today I bring you a MOC from a familiar face, with a version of the iconic Batcopter, inspired by the vehicle that appeared in the mythical classic TV series of the 60s, Batman, with Adam West in the main role.
The author of this creation is André Pinto, Portuguese AFOL and member of PLUG, who present us with many excellent constructions every month. Regarding this version, LEGO has already made its own version, appearing in an original LEGO set, namely in the 76052 - Batman Classic TV Series Batcave. André Pinto's model is much more detailed and less toy-like than the one in the aforementioned set.
You can see more photos (and videos) of this and other André's MOCs in his Flickr gallery.

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