Mech Command Bay, by giorgiochronas (LEGO Ideas)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Mech Command Bay, by giorgiochronas (LEGO Ideas)

Okt 18, 2022

This is a model that would certainly delight many Space fans, especially the Neo Classic Space ones. This recent project by giorgiochronas (LEGO Ideas) already has more than 1200 votes, with at least 585 days to go before the deadline.

It represents a space base, with a Mech repair station, as well as a fuel station. Regarding the vehicles, in addition to a supply tank, it also has a Mech and a small reconnaissance ship. A very good thing about this is the possibility to combine the different vehicles in order to build different types of Mechs (Exploration, reconnaissance, combat, etc).
If you liked the idea, you can vote for it at in following link

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