City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 12
by Nuno Sousa

City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 12

Nov 01, 2022


Ice Skates and Snowman

Today we have a little snowman. A simple construction, but quite noticeable what it is about. In addition to the doll, we have a small base that simulates snow and a block of ice. We can also find some ice skates inside a bag.


Star Wars

Darth Vader in Summer Outfit

This is yet another figure that will be in high demand in this calendar, Darth Vader. Perhaps you might find it odd that Darth Vader is dressed like he's going to the beach. We can find this minifigure in the animated series that came out this summer (LEGO Star Wars - Summer Vacation), whose setting takes place on Mustafar, during the summer. In addition, it is necessary to take into account that in December, half of the planet is entering summer.

About the minifigure, once again the highlight goes to the t-shirt that Vader is wearing. In front, we can see a scenario where the sun is a Death Star and in the sky, besides the seagulls we can see 2 Tie Fighters (good detail). In the back area we can find an identical setting, but here another detail is added, where we realize that this paradisiacal setting is Scarif. Accompanying this minifigure is a beach ball.

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