City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 16
by Nuno Sousa

City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 16

Nov 01, 2022



Today we find what LEGO calls chess, but which to me looks more like a mini-game of tic-tac-toe. I didn't understand the reason for the brown fence. If anyone knows the reason, write in the comments, please. To play, we have 5 round plates of each color. Perhaps by opting for Plate and not tiles, the pieces could better stay in place. But it is also true that in order to play again later, it would be more difficult to remove the pieces.

Star Wars 

Ammo Rack

Today we found a small construction that can easily be used in various games. It's a weapons display (I think it's based on the movie Star Wars - A New Hope). In addition to the display with a blaster, we can find 2 mini mousse droids, made with only 2 parts but which are easily recognizable.

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