City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 18
by Nuno Sousa

City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 18

Nov 01, 2022


Rocking Horse and Toy Rocket

This year's calendar has several toys in mini format. These I think were the ones I liked the most, especially the wooden horse. The way they were able to use the pieces to create the effect that allows the horse to swing was very good. I found the way the horse's tail was made very interesting. The other construction is a rocket ship. Not as good as the horse, but with good effect.

Star Wars 

Hoth Defense Turret

Another set referring to Hoth. A defense cannon that we can find in the movie Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back. It should be noted that it is a small construction of only 18 pieces, so it is not to the scale of the minifigures.

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