Enjoy the little things (Jeff Friesen)
by Sérgio Batista

Enjoy the little things (Jeff Friesen)

Jun 04, 2022
Mini-scale build of the Brooklyn Bridge in LEGO
Mini-scale build of the Brooklyn Bridge

LEGO Micro-scale sometimes passes by those who are just looking for something majestic, however I am of the opinion that the smaller, the more difficult and challenging it is to make details or represent certain shapes, making the build much more interesting.

Here everything works very much on the basis of the NPU (Nice Part Usage) where the artist analyses each piece and what it can represent. Jeff Friesen has become an expert in constructions of this kind.
Viking Scenery built in LEGO with a micro-scale
Viking Scenery

Jeff will launch a book where he shows some of his ideas and secrets for this type of construction.

You can read more about his work in his book LEGO Engineer: https://nostarch.com/lego-engineer
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