City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 21
by Nuno Sousa

City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 21

Nov 01, 2022



Today we have another small construction, but it will be very useful for several games or to decorate a Winter Village. It is a lamp with Christmas decoration. Honestly, I like the LEGO poles better for the lamps, but here a good use was made of the lightsaber pieces, having used a blade with a weapon lightsaber to act as a support.


Star Wars 

Luke Skywalker (Hoth Uniform)

And today we find something else from what location? Hoth! In this case it's not a building, but a minifigure, Luke Skywalker in Hoth's uniform. This is not a new minifigure as we can already find it last year in set 75298. This minifigure comes with a light blue lightsaber.

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