City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 24
by Nuno Sousa

City and Star Wars Advent Calendar Review - Day 24

Nov 01, 2022


Santa with Carrot

And we come to the conclusion of this year's calendar, and it's no surprise to find the last missing figure. Santa Claus. This is a new model (hol284), although no new parts are being used. Santa Claus has a carrot in his hand, perhaps to feed his reindeer or the pony we had on the 22nd.


Star Wars 

Festive R2-D2

And we come to the last build of this year's calendar, by the way, not a build, but more of an exclusive minifigure. And it's an excellent minifigure. It's the festive R2D2, with the typical shirt of the time, where we can find C3PO's head on the front and the Alliance symbol on the back.

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