Review 21334 Jazz Quartet
by Nuno Sousa

Review 21334 Jazz Quartet

Nov 14, 2022

Jazz Quartet - LEGO Ideas

The 21334 Jazz Quartet set is an IDEAS set, so as you may know, it's based on an original design that, after getting ten thousand votes on the LEGO IDEAS website and approved for production, passes into the hands of LEGO designers.

As soon as I saw the original design, I thought, is it possible to change a set that looks so good?

And the answer is that it was. But will it be worth it?

At first, I had some doubts, because the original design, by AFOL Hsinwei Chi, was excellent. But after being reviewed by the LEGO designers I can say that I still really like the set and in many ways it made the set better (in my opinion). The truth is that many didn't like the changes, others, like me, didn't mind taking into account the result that kept the style of a jazz club.

But let's talk a little about the construction and to make it easier I'll talk about each of the characters individually, since the construction can be seen as 4 independent constructions that come together at the end in a modular system (there is an instruction book for each character).

The trumpeter is based on a small part of the stage, as well as the access area, where we have the steps. He is dressed similarly to the original drawing, but facing a different direction. Only one leg is fixed to the base, but do not think that this loses stability, as the leg begins its construction inside the base, thus creating good robustness. In this way, it became possible for the other leg to be raised without losing stability. I liked the way the construction was done, allowing to create an inclination in the body. Other aspects I have to point out are the shape of the head and also the construction of the trumpet. Undoubtedly a great job by the LEGO designers. It should be noted that this, and the other characters, are on a Miniland scale (this is the second set I've built on this scale and I confess that I'm really enjoying it).

Now let's move on to the double bass player. Yet another good build, although an effort could have been made to better hide the shoulder pieces. Whenever I look at the set, it's strange that those pieces are visible (at least they could be white, but as you may know they only exist in gray). I recall that in the original design there is no joint in sight, and it would not have been difficult to maintain that aspect. But at least we have the possibility to adjust the bass player's arms and head, allowing us to adjust his position in various ways and also the way he holds the bass. Otherwise, a good build. I really liked the use of a remote control piece to simulate a bow on the shirt. Now talking about the bass. What a great build. Wonderful. Good techniques with a magnificent final result. Undoubtedly my favorite instrument. To improve stability, the bass is fixed to the base of the stage, which I think was a good solution.

Speaking now of the drummer. Comparing with the original design, the battery is larger and has a great finished look. I liked the way the designers managed to fix everything well to the base without harming the final result. For example, the drummer is connected to the bench, which is connected to the stage by a single pin. This part was a good challenge, as it's not easy to adjust everything in order to be correctly exposed. Again, another solid build. I have to mention that I liked the different ways of building the heads of these figures, within this scale.

Finally, I speak of the character that had the most changes in this set compared to the original version, as we had a man and now we have a jazz pianist. And what a great change, for a much better final result, as not only does it feel like you're playing the piano, but you're also singing (many jazz pianists are vocalists, which is why this change worked so well, in my opinion).

Once again we have great techniques here, not only in character but also on the grand piano. I have to highlight the way the dress was designed, giving an excellent end result.

Now it's time to put it all together, and the end result is magnificent.
Just one detail. Although the four pieces fit together well, they are not completely fixed, so if you need to change location, you should move each piece and not all of them together, as they will hardly hold together.

Value and parts
This set has a cost of €99.99 / £89.99 / $99.99 in the LEGO shop, and at the moment it can already be found in some retailers, and maybe it can be obtained with some discount. Even if you buy without a discount, you won't regret the amount spent, as it is a set with 1606 pieces and with a magnificent final result. Also, many parts used in this set are brand new, which is always a good thing.

Undoubtedly a set that will look great as a decoration piece (in my case, it will look great on display in my living room).

This review is independent, without any support from LEGO.

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