What you need to know about the LEGO Inside Tour 2023
by Brick.is

What you need to know about the LEGO Inside Tour 2023

Feb 01, 2023

Every year, Lego cultivated an exciting habit of opening its doors to fans worldwide. The LEGO Inside Tour 2023 is this year's version of the event. Fans will be able to get first-hand experience with the LEGO Group. This will include exclusive access to all the places that aren't easily accessible.

This guided tour will include visits to essential parts of the LEGO universe, including the Billund factory, Ole Kirk Kristiansen, etc. We will discuss some exciting features and details you should know as we prepare for the 2023 tour to LEGO.

LEGO Inside Tour 2023 Schedule

According to the official update from LEGO Group, the event will last just three days for each individual that's participating.

Signing up will guarantee three overnight stays at the LEGOLAND Hotel from Tuesday to Friday. It will include complimentary breakfast on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. You'll also get free meals, snacks, and beverages throughout your stay. 

This event will hold on six different dates in 2023. They have been scheduled for other times, and this includes:

  • First Schedule: May 10-12
  • Second Schedule: May 24-26
  • Third Schedule: June 21-23
  • Fourth Schedule: August 30-September 1
  • Fifth Schedule: October 4-6
  • Sixth Schedule: November 1-3

Interested fans could sign up for the program from December 6-9, 2022. So the deadline has closed, so you can only anticipate the next round of the event in subsequent years.

What To Expect on the Tour

LEGO story began in Billund, so it's where it all begins for the event. Participants will start their tour from the Billund and progress to the other adventure in store for them. The Billund is home to the 'Home of Brick,' so you'll get a good glimpse of this incredible building. The three days will include different adventures from daybreak till nightfall. 

You'll be able to tour the LEGO headquarters, history, production, design, and finally, the LEGO house itself. Some of the adventures have been curated and compiled into the list below:

  • A visit to the founder's home, the Ole Kirk's Kristiansen's house. This tour will include entry to the rooms where the toy history began years ago. Here, you'll find some of the earliest collections of LEGO sets and models.
  • A LEGO factory tour to get a visual of the shapes and colours of different models. You'll get a first-hand experience of how Lego pieces are made right in the factory.
  • Interact with Lego designers and technicians to learn new skills and techniques. Enjoy the process of visualizing and building set pieces together. The designers will also introduce you to their work and explain the process of playing as an integral part of LEGO Group.
  • A guided tour of the LEGO employee store also boosts your creativity.
  • One of the last offers on the table is a playtime at the Playful Tour in the LEGO House. Participants will get plenty of time to show their playful side and get immersed in several functions in the house.
  • To wrap the whole adventure up, LEGO has also curated some unique gifts for every guest. You'll get an exclusive and limited LEGO set specially produced for guests of the LEGO Inside Tour 2023, which means no one else has this except 2023 guests.
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