LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Ahsoka Tano - 40539
by Nuno Sousa

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ Ahsoka Tano - 40539

Jan 14, 2022
In November 2020 LEGO® launched a contest for the theme that would represent the milestone of the 150th BrickHeadz (remember that the first was launched in 2016).  Among the 4 themes to choose from (Star Wars, Minecraft, Jaws, and Lilo & Stitch) approximately 13 thousand participants chose the Star Wars theme. For many a joy, especially if LEGO® chose an excellent character, for others a disappointment, as they preferred a different theme.

Fortunately, the character chosen is a character very dear to Star Wars fans, Ahsoka Tano.

BrickHeadz is known for using a very common construction pattern, especially in the legs and back area (personally, I think LEGO should bet more on the techniques used in these situations, as is already common to see itself being done by several AFOL). Fortunately, LEGO didn't fall into the temptation of doing that and instead of giving us a painted back, they chose to use a very good construction technique and that gave an excellent final result.

Another aspect I liked was the technique used on the head, where the lekku are (the lekku are two appendages that are located on the head, characteristic of the Togrutas and Twi'leks).

The colors chosen are very representative of this character.  There may be some discussion as to which shade of blue is better, Dark Blue or Blue, which was chosen. I honestly like both options.
Finally, to point out the good choice of using the 2 sabers and the way they are used in this BrickHeadz as it faithfully represents the fighting style used by Ahsoka.
In conclusion, one of my favorite characters was very well represented and became one of my favorite BrickHeadz.

Parts and value
This set (40539) has the normal cost for this type of BrickHeadz, that is, €9.99, containing 164 pieces, which gives a cost per piece of €0.06.

There is little to say about the pieces, as it maintains the usual construction style of the BrickHeadz. The only 2 new pieces that are used are 2 1x4 Orange tiles with Ahsoka's face tattoos.
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