Picnic at the Park - LEGO® City™  - 60326
by Nuno Sousa

Picnic at the Park - LEGO® City™ - 60326

Feb 27, 2022
The City theme has not varied much, so I dare say that this set was a slight breath of fresh air. It is a small park setting, but it was very well done.

The set has a simple tree, about 12 cm high, but it works well for the intended effect and can be adjusted quite easily. Here in the tree, we can find two 1x1 tiles with an acorn printed on them. Accompanying the tree, we have what for me is the best part of this set, the new squirrels. Available in 2 colours, brown and black (black is exclusive to this set so far).

Then we have a picnic table. Here several 1x3 arches were used, resulting in a well-achieved effect and with a good choice of colours. As props, we have 2 mugs, in different colours, and a pizza box.

This set has 2 vehicles. The park's maintenance vehicle is small but well-built, with green and orange tones. The only sticker in this set is used on the vehicle, an emblem with a sheet that is glued to the roof of the vehicle. There is space for a Minifigure inside the car. The car has some accessories attached to the sides and at the back a section to transport plants.

The other vehicle is a yellow bicycle (with a new hue) with a trailer. A simple construction, but it works well.

Undoubtedly, a great little set that will please many children, but also many adults to expand their cities.

This set offers 3 Minifigures. The park gardener, with a new head available, is very interesting. Then we have the two visitors, a child, and a lady. Here we already found some more new pieces (as will be mentioned below). Both figures are very well-made (especially the chosen torsos) and have the option of choosing to wear hair or bike helmets.

Parts and value
The set consists of 135 pieces, with a value of €14.99. At first glance, it may seem a little expensive, but when we take a good look at what the set offers, we can conclude that it is an acceptable price.
There are some new pieces in this set. I have to highlight the new squirrels, available here in black (exclusive colour of the set) and brown. The gardener has a new head, the child a new colour from this hair pattern, and the female figure a new torso.
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