Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack - 75320
by Nuno Sousa

Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack - 75320

Feb 27, 2022
In 2021 we didn't have any Battle Packs and it was thought that they would cease to exist, to the sadness of many fans. Fortunately, in 2021 there were already rumors that they would return, which was confirmed with this set.

This set has a good choice of Minifigures, featuring three Snowtroopers and a Hoth Scout Trooper.
Then we have an updated 74-Z speeder, almost 12 cm long, looking reasonable next to the Minifigures and faithfully recreating these speeders. Here, black and white tones are used, representative of the environment in Hoth.

We also have a cannon available, where the new projectile shooter is used.
Finally, we have a small and simple snow fort, replicating the existing environment on Hoth.

This set consists of 4 Minifigures, all new: 3 Snowtrooper and 1 Scout Trooper (Hoth).
The new Snowtrooper no longer have extra parts such as details and is now included printed on the torsos. Here the best option can be discussed, existing that you like the old ones more and that you like the current ones more. If the objective is to fill a 75313 AT-AT, these will undoubtedly be a better option than the old models.

LEGO Star Wars Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack

Apparently, the 3 figures look the same, but when we remove the helmet, we realize that we have 3 different heads, thus bringing more variety to these sets.
Then we have an exclusive Minifigure so far, a Hoth Scout Trooper. For those who only follow the movies, you won't recognize this figure, as it doesn't appear in the movies, but it exists in the Canon Star Wars, something you can find in specialty books.

All figures feature good detail on the torsos, legs, and helmets. Although not perfect, they are very well designed.
All the figures bring the new weapons, having abandoned the old triggers (personally I never liked the old models), so I consider it an asset.

Parts and value
This set has 89 pieces and has two new pieces, which are part of the new projectile shooter, in my opinion, much better than the previous model.
This was the first Battle Pack to come out at €19.99, but we can say that the final quality has improved a lot. Even so, the value is a little pulled, but that won't stop many from building their army with these new figures (remember that we can always wait for promotions) or "fill" their 75313 AT-AT.

LEGO Snowtrooper™ Battle Pack
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