Retro Arcade , by Richard Dane (LEGO Ideas)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Retro Arcade , by Richard Dane (LEGO Ideas)

Jun 27, 2022
Unfortunately for my wallet, I spent a lot of time in the "old" retro arcade stores, full of game arcade games, flippers, darts, and snooker. And when I came across this project on LEGO Ideas platform, made by Richard Dane (with the username If You Build It), my mind immediately went back to those times in the 90s (and even the 80s, when accompanied with older friends).
And in fact, this construction has almost everything the real ones had, from racing simulators, both car and motorcycle (remember Sega Rally and Sega's Super Hang On?), the retro Pacman, Space invaders, the "coin" operated vehicles for the younger ones (which are still around in some places today), and some vending machines. It even has a change machine, and a Photo Booth (remember the Kodak instant photos?).
Some of these games have functions (lights, turning), as the result of elements that Richard Dane introduced and hid, as you can see in one of the photos.

The project already has 4650 votes, with about 350 days to go before the vote-gathering period ends.
Anyone who wants to vote for the same can do so here. This project goes beautifully with Retro Bowling Alley which was part of the second Crowfunding of the Bricklink Designer Program.
This is the second time that this project has been placed on the platform, and the first time it even reached the 10,000 necessary votes, but it was rejected by the LEGO Design team.
Maybe the second one will be for good!

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