Winter Cottage, by Thomas Carlier (Brick Project)  - With Instructions!
by Olímpio Alexandre

Winter Cottage, by Thomas Carlier (Brick Project) - With Instructions!

Jul 01, 2022
We have entered the second half of the year, which means that... we are getting closer and closer to Christmas! And that means it's time to start preparing your Christmas displays. It might be a little out of scale with what we usually find in these dioramas, but this Winter Cottage could serve as an inspiration for some of your MOCs.

Its author is Thomas Carlier, best known as Brick Project, who also usually submits projects on the LEGO Ideas platform, with some of them reaching the necessary 10,000 endorsements but not making it on the final review phase (you may remember Ratatouille as one of them), although there’s still another one currently under evaluation (Escape Game: Carter's Secrets)

Regarding this Winter Cottage, Thomas has made available for sale the instructions and parts list of this and other of his constructions, which can be purchased on his platform, named .

For those who want, you can also follow his Instagram account (under the name @brickproject_lego) and be on top of all the news of his MOCs (some of them are very interesting, especially the movie vignettes).

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