The other side of LEGO models- Amsterdam 1627, by aukbricks
by Olímpio Alexandre

The other side of LEGO models- Amsterdam 1627, by aukbricks

Jul 07, 2022
No, I'm not going to talk about some darker world/side for LEGO fans, as if they were in some rehab process caused by LEGO (and no, I'm not talking about my addiction either ? )

I'm talking about LEGO models and MOCs, in which sometimes, in order to obtain extraordinary details and effects, it is necessary to close/hide some of the techniques used. I give the example of this MOC from aukbricks, intitled Amsterdam 1627, inspired by the buildings of the Dutch capital from that historical period.
Besides the tree, what immediately stands out is the facade for this house, completely made with SNOT techniques, creating a very beautiful effect and that many of you must be thinking "how the hell did he do that"?

Well, aukbricks also revealed an image of the interior of the house, showing all the structure necessary to place the parts in the correct positions, which allow the effect and image of the facade seen from the front.

Clearly this is not a building to be played with or to have interiors (it would be necessary to create a double wall, almost like what is done with plasterboard in houses nowadays), and that would steal a lot of the building’s space, which is already very little (11 studs in depth).
So, for those who build, how do you manage your construction process? Do you give primacy to the aesthetic part, to the functional part... or do you try to find a balance between the two?

You can and should see more work by Aukbricks in his Flickr gallery

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