LEGO 18+ Themes become Lego Icons

LEGO 18+ Themes become Lego Icons

Jun 01, 2022

LEGO has some news for LEGO adult fans. If you love the Creator Expert building sets and sets found under the LEGO Adult Welcome banner, or not, this news is for you. LEGO recently released a statement on the classification of its adult-focused sets, the statement is as follows; 

From June 1st, 2022, we will be uniting many of our adults focused LEGO sets under the name LEGO Icons to help our adult consumers easily to find new, immersive builds or models that link to their interests and passions, particularly when shopping or browsing online. The name LEGO Icons will span all of our sets designed for older builders that are not already part of an existing LEGO theme such as LEGO Technic, LEGO Ideas or LEGO Architecture.

A few years ago, LEGO began marketing building sets targeted at their adult fans. The LEGO 18+ age rating sets had been marketed under the LEGO Creator Expert name. However, this changes from June 1, 2022. This does not mean that such LEGO sets theme names as LEGO Technic, LEGO Architecture and LEGO Ideas have become obsolete. 18+ sets within these themes will remain as they have been.

Adult sets on the LEGO official site are found under the “Adult Welcome” banner. The banner helps adults find interesting building sets. The new name, LEGO Icons, and its accompanying logo will help make the search for these adult sets easier while shopping or browsing for them online.

While some fans have welcomed the news, other fans have differing thoughts. What do you think? 

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