Wolfpack Surf Shack, by classicstylecastle (Instagram)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Wolfpack Surf Shack, by classicstylecastle (Instagram)

Jul 15, 2022
And now, for something completely different: have you ever thought of combining themes like Paradisa and Castle (and even a little bit of pirates)?
To be honest I never did, at least these two. But LEGO fan classicstylecastle (Instagram) did. And he created this Wolfpack Surf Shack, because castle figures also need a vacation (who doesn't?)
The funny thing is that this MOC represents very well the style of construction of the early 90's (perhaps the exception is the base, since at that time the baseplates were present in almost every building set), mixing themes like Paradisa, Wolfpack (the short - only 3 sets - but much appreciated Castle sub-theme from 1992 and 1993) and even a bit of Pirates, with the statue that guarded the Islanders's Island from1994 6278 set.

If you like the style of these buildings, you can and should check out the rest of the classicstylecastle gallery on Instagram, or even on Rebrickable (with some free instructions)

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