Hogwarts, by Michał Kaźmierczak (Flickr)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Hogwarts, by Michał Kaźmierczak (Flickr)

Jul 25, 2022
If you are like me, and you consider the set 71043 - Hogwarts Castle insufficient and small for not being minifig scale (I have to make excuses for not buying some sets ? ), AFOL Michał Kaźmierczak (Flickr), did what I and many fans of the theme would like to do... (and with one of the best purposes of the world) : A Hogwarts Castle in minifigure scale, for his daughter to play with.
And this would certainly be a "dollhouse" that we wouldn't mind having.
The gigantic construction has more than 100,000 LEGO elements and took long months to complete, regarding the design process, ordering elements (according to the author, the walls are in dark tan, which makes the process difficult), and construction of the castle.
The interiors are very detailed, recreating some of the most iconic scenes from the saga, and having several mechanisms and functions that give more emphasis for playing with it.

You can and should see more photos for this and for other Michal's MOCs in his Flickr gallery.

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