Thor's Hammer Review
by Nuno Sousa Thor's Hammer Review

Aug 08, 2022
Mini Hammer Instructions

I took advantage of the fact that the website was offering some instructions for small constructions, free of charge, and I built one of their models, Thor's hammer, with a base included.
Speaking of the instructions, very simple, easy to understand and with an excellent design, with a black background.

Mini Thor Hammer

The construction is simple, using parts that are easy to arrange and without excessive cost. Despite this, it has an excellent end result, very similar to the biggest version of the official hammer LEGO set. I really liked the way the base was made, as it allows a perfect fit for the hammer, keeping it fixed and being easy to move from one place to another without the hammer falling.

To make it easier, I bought all the parts from a single seller on Bricklink. I had the advantage of only paying shipping once, but it made the final price go up. I spent around €7.50 / US$7.56 /AU$11 on pieces, but this amount can be reduced with some demand, not least because several pieces pay more to buy at the LEGO Shop than at Bricklink.

Mini Thor Base

 Mini Hammer

For those who are a fan of the theme, I recommend it, as it is a small piece, which looks good in any location and can even be used as a base for a Thor Minifigure. Just remove one of the 1x2 plates and place the figure there. Simple, effective and with an excellent end result.

In addition, you should buy the bigger Thor's Hammer from LEGO to match the small one.

The actual instructions:
Mini Thor Hammer Instructions - Step 1Mini Thor Hammer Instructions - Step 2Mini Thor Hammer Instructions - Step 3Mini Thor Hammer Instructions - Step 4Mini Thor Hammer Instructions - Step 5Mini Thor Hammer Instructions - Step 6
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