Spiral Hill and The Nightmare Before Christmas (Two LEGO Ideas projects)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Spiral Hill and The Nightmare Before Christmas (Two LEGO Ideas projects)

Sep 05, 2022
Are there any fans of Tim Burton's classic "The Nightmare before Christmas"? The appearance of Jack and Sally in the 2nd series of Disney collectible minifigures, allowed the emergence of several MOCs alluding to the 1993 film, with some of them being placed on the LEGO Ideas platform.

Today I want to show you about 2 of them, in completely different categories and "phases”.
The first, Spiral Hill, by user JuliusBadhead, which as the name implies, represents the iconic spiral-shaped hill from the film, where Jack and Sally embrace themselves at the end of the film, with the gigantic full moon as a backdrop. This small construction would be perfect as a decoration in our homes, with the particularity of being a set with a price much lower than the latest releases of this line, which lately have been around several hundred euros.

It already has 4785 supporters, with just 11 days to go to reach 5000 and earn a few more months to reach 10,000, which is why it needs a lot of our help. Anyone who wants can vote for it here.
Already in review status, with the necessary support achieved, is this “The Nightmare Before Christmas” by Tvreulesmylife and which will "compete" for a spot with "our" Lisbon Tram by Ezequiel Alabaça, Portuguese AFOL.

Much more complete, containing several iconic scenes from the film (also including Spiral Hill), and which, if approved, would certainly be a project to be sold for a couple of hundred euros as well.
So what's your favorite?

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