Review of LEGO City 60345 Farmers Market Van
by Nuno Sousa

Review of LEGO City 60345 Farmers Market Van

Sep 08, 2022
The 60345 Farmers Market Van set is one of four City Farm sets that have just been released.

Initially what attracted me the most in this set were the new pieces for my farm, but after assembling and analyzing it better, there is much more, as I will describe.
Starting with the small field. Small, but with a lot of variety of pieces and colors. We have pepper, corn and grapes available, an effect well achieved by LEGO designers, using here some new pieces that will delight many builders. Of course, it doesn't present the reality, but we can understand well what vegetables or fruit it is.

I found the modular way in which they made the field very interesting, giving the possibility to make the field grow in different shapes and sizes. I liked the simple but original way in which a carrot was made to grow.

Now talking about the vehicle. Very pleasant colors and a simple type of construction that will allow a lot of games. What caught my attention the most was the huge carrot on top of the van.
Big Carrot on top of the LEGO Van

To finish we have 2 large boxes with apples, a banana and a pumpkin and a small one with peppers. All this can be stored inside the back of the van. The stickers on this set are used on the van, one for the license plate, another with the price list on the side and a last one on the front of the van.

A set with lots of possibilities for games and helping some farm MOCs to grow or have more details.

The set has 3 minifigures and a rabbit, in a new color, light gray.
One of the figures for those who follow LEGO cartoons is a well-known character, Horace. He is dressed like the rest of the characters from this year's Farm theme. Then we have the worker in the van, with hair that is used here for the first time, in blue.
Finally, we have a client, a simple minifigure, with nothing new to highlight.

Parts and value
In terms of price, the set costs £24.99 / $44.99 / 29.99€ and has 310 pieces. LEGO chose to put one more minifigure than is usual in this type of sets, but raised the price from €20 to €30, which gives a somewhat high value per piece for a city theme.
There are several new pieces or new colors, such as the rabbit, the van worker's hair or the new corn piece, which will appeal to many.

You can check the official LEGO product page and buy this set at
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