Starburst Starship, by DreamDynamic (Flickr)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Starburst Starship, by DreamDynamic (Flickr)

Sep 12, 2022
September is the month of "Shiptember" (pun between the word Ship and the month September). This is a period where many LEGO fans around the world build huge MOCs, the so-called SHIPs - "Seriously Huge Investment in Parts". And in fact, it is a huge investment you need, if you don’t already have a big stock of LEGO parts, because each one of these SHIPs contains thousands of parts (unless you build them virtually).

This is the case of this Starship made by Dreamdynamic, with the Studio program, with 12146 LEGO elements and measuring about 120 cm. The central part has a diameter of 99 cm!!

The ship, made in a modular way, is full of very interesting details. The author has provided a series of photographs where he reveals all the tricks of each section. You can and should see the full gallery of this model, and other excellent builds by this AFOL, on his Flickr account.

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