The Alley, by oh so jang (@shinjungseub on Instagram)
by Olímpio Alexandre

The Alley, by oh so jang (@shinjungseub on Instagram)

Sep 13, 2022
I love seeing MOCs inspired by real structures or objects, and this is one of those examples. Oh so jang (@shinjungseub on Instagram), created this building based on a coffee shop in Vietnam, one of the most trending places at the moment, called "The Alley". There aren't many photos of this creation, but you can clearly see the similarity, with a focus on the unconventional architecture and the techniques used. I really liked the plants, the facade, the various lamps and the interior of the cafe itself.
But what really impressed me (and which is not noticeable in this photo) is the total modularity of this MOC, with several areas that open up and allow it to be displayed in different ways.

You can and should see the video made available on the author’s Instagram account at @shinjungseub.

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