Art Deco Home (1920's house) - by E.A.Faux (LEGO Ideas)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Art Deco Home (1920's house) - by E.A.Faux (LEGO Ideas)

Sep 20, 2022
The LEGO Ideas platform includes several types of projects, from MOCs related to intellectual property/licensed concepts (series, films, musical bands, animation) or original constructions, which draw my attention a lot more.

I know that modular buildings is not a new concept, but the architectural style of some may be. This is the case of this Art Deco Home (1920's house) - by the user E.A.Faux, who instead of applying a 50's/60's style, like the current modular line, he focused on an Art Deco line, very characteristic of the 20's. The decoration is sublime, from the furniture, the bathroom, the glass brick walls, and the many details related to geometric shapes.
The exterior also has some nice details, such as the garden at the back, the "weeping willow" or the bus stop. This project is recent, it has 233 votes with 420 days to go. If you want to vote for it, you can do so here.

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