LEGO Releases Official Design Video For Motorized Lighthouse (21335) set

LEGO Releases Official Design Video For Motorized Lighthouse (21335) set

Sep 22, 2022

Following the release of the LEGO Motorized Lighthouse (21335), LEGO has also released an official Design video for the impressive new set!

In the recently released video, Luka Kapeter, a LEGO designer, explains the creative process behind the new set together with Element Designer Peter Licht and Graphic Designer Claus Tannebæk Madsen. Their discussion reveals how the Motorized Lighthouse set went from being a fan project idea to the amazing motorized LEGO piece we see today. They also covered the creation of the Fresnel lens, a special feature found on the top of the set.

Why not check out the official LEGO 21335 Motorized Lighthouse designer video here to learn of LEGO's brilliant creative process?

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