Kiyohime, by Marius Herrmann (Flickr)
by Olímpio Alexandre

Kiyohime, by Marius Herrmann (Flickr)

Sep 23, 2022
For those who have been following the news of this hobby in the last days, this is the Skaerbaek Fan Weekend, an event that is a true pilgrimage of LEGO fans to this Danish location. Due to its proximity to Billund, it is also at this time of the year,  that the Masterpiece Gallery is renovated, a room in the LEGO House dedicated to the exhibition of fantastic constructions  made by LEGO fans from all over the world.
One of the new creations in display,  is this beautiful MOC by Marius Herrmann (Flickr), named Kiyohime, inspired by the legend of Anchin and Kiyohime. According to it, Kiyohime, after being rejected by Anchin, goes into a spiral of rage, turning herself into a dragon and chasing Anchin through a temple.

Marius then made a tree in the shape of a dragon, as if possessed by a spirit, which rises fiercely from the ground and involves the temple.
If the structure of the building is phenomenal, take a good look at the tree and all the different LEGO elements that were used...and in different and unorthodox ways.

You can and should see more photos of this and other Marius MOCS (and be able to enlarge them in order to see all the details), in his Flickr gallery.

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